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"Because we are your friends, You'll never be alone again

Oh, come on, oh come on.......Oh, come on, oh come on"

The winter days would tick by so slowly but once April arrived we knew we were almost there, it was almost time to go home.

Our bags would be packed weeks in advance and our minds would be plagued by non-stop daydreaming of being back among our beautiful and funky friends stomping up and down the West End.

The wheels touch dowN on the runway, the warm air would hit us and there we were skipping through the airport scrambling to get our lift or bus back to our Ibiza HQ.

And nothing will ever beat that feeling of finally seeing our beautiful town coming into view as the car comes over the hills at San Rafael...we were finally home...San Antonio.









What feelings and memories this tiny little island has given us. She has blessed us with a family like no other, a bond like other, a connection like no other.

Our bond is made from love, from music, and from limitless energy and that type of bond will never die, it can never leave us.


SCientists say that time machines do not exist, for most people that is true but in our unique world, they do. The music and our family energy which we all share creates our Tardis and next summeR ONE MORE TIME will transport us all back to the terraces, the morning carry-ons, the bars, the beaches and we will again revisit the underground vibe we, as a tribe, created in those years. We will be united again, a family.










How utterly blessed we were. Not only did we have the timeless sounds of the late 90’s classic and Balearic House, but we also danced to the very best of what Trance has ever created whilst also witnessing the birth of the mighty DC10 influenced Minimal sound.

House. Trance. Minimal. 2000-2010.

What a time for music and what a time to live, love and dance in Ibiza.


ONE MORE TIME will be all of this. So join us. Dance with us.

Rave with us One More Time.

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